Golf Lessons


  • Pricing is based on time, not the number of people. Individual and group private lessons are the same price per hour.
  • Includes: swing & video analysis, lesson plan, and as much or little data as you prefer!
  • May include on-course playing lesson or outdoor practice facility usage. (Summer months only)

Justin Johnson, PGA

jtjohnson@pga.com | 435-659-9914

Justin was born and raised in rural Indiana where the golf course was quite literally his daycare each summer growing up. In 2001 he left the Hoosier state to attend Methodist University in Fayetteville, NC for Business Administration with a concentration in Golf Management. After graduation in 2005 he joined the Pebble Beach Company as an Assistant Golf Professional and instructor at the Pebble Beach Golf Academy. In 2008 he moved to Park City and joined Talisker Club where he served for 7 years. In 2015 he accepted the role of Director of Canyons Golf where he opened a new golf course and served on the Hospitality Leadership team for Vail Resorts. In 2021 he decided to pursue his dreams to own his own business and opened IndoorGolfClub. He lives in Park City with his wife of 16 years and 3 beautiful children. He also enjoys skiing, mountain biking, music and all things outdoor and travel related with his family.

“I value relationships and love helping people achieve their goals in golf and in life. I want to get to know you – what makes you tick, how your mind and body works, your goals, and the things you are passionate about. And I want you to have a real grasp on how your body works and how you swing the club by. We work hard on the fundamentals and developing an athletic, repeatable swing. I have a good grasp of timeless technique balanced with technology and the modern game which helps me connect with most golfers.”

“If you play golf you are my friend,” ~ Harvey Penick

Darren Ingram, PGA

funkyingram007@yahoo.com | 801-550-6116

Darren started playing golf at the age of 6 and was instructed by some of the top instructors in the nation as a byproduct of growing up in a golf family. He played most other sports including football beyond high school before joining the Air Force in 2003. While in the Air Force he continued to play and teach, even winning some large joint service tournaments such as the US Military European Championship. He coached High School football for three years while stationed in California with a focus on quarterbacks and receivers. After being retired early from the Air Force, Darren went back to college to get a degree in Hospitality and his PGA certification. During this time, he was an apprentice to the number one instructor in the world Butch Harmon, where he sharpened his eye and grew as an instructor. Teaching and coaching is the biggest joy in his life and he truly cares about his players’ progression. In addition to golf and sports he loves hiking, camping, live music and theatre, physical fitness/recovery, psychology, biomechanics and business.

“I believe that the golf swing is unique to every individual. Just like every throwing motion, forehand, swing in baseball, jumper in basketball; every great player has a unique move that works most effectively with how their body is built (size, shape, length, flexibility). The most important part when building a consistent golf swing is ensuring the setup is consistent and puts the body in a position to start the swing in the most natural way possible for that player. The swing and setup are built from the ground up, but I don’t subscribe to the same moves and setups for everyone. The objective is to build the easiest, most repeatable motion we can. While teaching the swing is a lot of fun, I’m also passionate about coaching –  when we transition to the golf course and learn how to properly attack the course with our unique skill set.”

Andrew Peterson, PGA

apeterson@victoryranchutah.com | 801-209-6687

Andrew is the Head of Golf Instruction at Victory Ranch. Andrew received his class A PGA membership in 2014. Prior to Victory Ranch, Andrew was an Assistant Golf Professional at Promontory and has worked at clubs in Arizona and Florida. Andrew grew up in Salt Lake City and has lived in Park City for the past 12 years. Andrew enjoys all the outdoor activities that Utah has to offer.

“My strengths as an instructor are simple: I can communicate with all abilities, and all learning types while being patient and understanding during each player’s learning and development experience. Golf can be very complex and difficult at times. I like to break it down making it as simple as possible. I am able to make people feel comfortable and provide a relaxed, positive, and fun learning environment. I want to enhance each student’s playability and help to grow their overall enjoyment of the game. From beginners to scratch golfers, my philosophy stays the same.”


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